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It's All About My Story

I Have Been A Passionate Make Up Artist.

My name is Alexandra (Sandra) Shvarts and I am the owner and operator of “City Girls Makeup” I established this business in 2015 with the help of “Business Development Canada” and “Nabet 700” Film and Television productions. I encountered much practice, training and theory from various organizations such as “Canadian Beauty College” and “Seneca College” located in Toronto Ontario. I became exceptionally successful at freelance makeup and hair, working for various movies, and various salons in Ontario.

My inspiration to create this business came from all the beautiful Goddess I met in Ontario, they gave me much inspiration to continue my creative gift. From a young age beauty held a special part in my soul, and the creation of art. Beauty is about the illumination of the soul and collecting all the beautiful moments. My name is Alexandra (Sandra) Shvarts and this is my creative story.

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Professional Make Up

City Girls Makeup, is a service that has been created to help women with Makeup, Skin Care, Tattoo Removal as well as Hair essentials. City Girls Makeup has been observing the market for some time now and the technicians have discovered how to provide the right fundamentals in assisting women with the right procedures in the development of these particular areas.

City Girls Makeup, is interested in this field because they truly believe that their ability can assist other women and men in this particular areas of their individual lives. Whether the client is having a baby shower, wedding, engagement or any other special occasion such as film and television, theatre or character, City Girls Makeup is committed in providing their freelance skills to establish the individual goals.

City Girls Makeup, has a desirable interest in providing women with permanent makeup. This is a service that helps women with a long term makeup application. The client can choose to have permanent makeup procedure done for their lips, brows, eyelids and or lip liner. 

City Girls Makeup, looked further into this field and understood the importance of the field in Skin Care. City Girls Makeup, has provided the necessities into helping women and men in tattoo removals this is a result of the crisis of unwanted tattoos that has been placed upon impulsive behaviour.

Sandra Shvarts